About Us

APPTRADE INC “Auction Pride of the Philippines” APPTRADE INC is a private stock corporation incorporated and approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission dated February 9, 2015.

Hosting multiple auctions per week to satisfy the demand, the company has liquidated multiple assets through the years, with a well equipped staff and a warehouse covering 6,000 square meters.

We have a client database of around 2,000 who comes from different markets and industries.

Multiple Services

  • Auction
  • Trading and Retailing
  • Surplus
  • Importing and Exporting
  • Leasing
  • Project Consulting

          and many more!

The variety of assets the company handles cover from industries in hardware, construction, agricultural, commissary, furniture, general goods, etc.
The company ensures that our services and products will fully satisfy our customer’s needs and be part of our growing community. Our networks and information are secured and maintained, to provide optimal outcomes for our clients
The company envisions to be the country’s authority and standard in terms of asset liquidation. Provide a wide range of products to unlock potential business opportunities and trends. We want to be the forefront of a modern business, constantly researching and developing ideas for better service
Client Centric
Professional Excellence
Fair Trade Accuracy and
Precision Constant

Key Ideas behind the Business’ Success
Industry Diversity
Apptrade is well versed in all sectors of the market covering small scale items to major production plants. As part of our diversity, the company adapts to the situation faced by our clients and provide solutions favorable to them, using unorthodox liquidation methods and modernized steps.
Quick and Precise
Our team is experienced and up to pace, when it comes to decision making. The business are trained to meet the deadlines of our customers, and provide tentative timelines, analysis and cost evaluation. As part of our procedures, as a protocol, the company complies to all necessary requirements mandated by law.
Market Dominance
The pride and core of our company’s success are the bidders and individuals in our network database. Covering almost 2000 registered businesses and traders, we can source and supply are clients their exact needs in a short spam of time.
Credibility and Experience
The management are veterans of the trade, with over 30 years of knowledge and experience. The individuals behind the company are competent and meet global standards of auction. To match our competitors, our facilities are on top quality and fit for any inventory. Our warehouse covers a lot of 6,000 sq metres, and is equipped with pallet racks, forklifts and lifters to aid mobilization of our inventory. We are well versed in terms of logistics, having over more than 200 trucking partners for local logistics and available brokers and shippers for international clients
Services Offered
Immediate Liquidation, surplus or depreciated assets Project Management and Consulting Consignment and Retailing Leasing of assets; IT, Generators, Trucks Importing and Exporting Product sourcing Cost evaluations and Asset Appraisals

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