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Are you still worried about the summer days? Are you still worried about being sick in an air-conditioned room for a long time? Our versatile air cooler is sure to be your choice! It is available in 3 different modes and wind speeds to provide the suitable airflow according to your own needs. Large air outlet distributes cold air evenly and provides a wide range of air supply. The flexible universal wheels and handles allow you to move or carry it to any desired location. The remote control allows you to control and adjust all functions without leaving your comfortable bed or sofa. In addition, this air cooler does not generate loud noise during operation and does not affect workers or family members to work or rest. With it, you can enjoy the cool summer! Feature 3 different speeds and modes for you to set 7L water tank reduces the number of water additions information Large air outlet provides a wider air supply Flexible universal wheels make it easy to rotate or move 12-hour timer function and remote control Suitable for offices, etc.




●Air conditioning fans make your summer cooler, more intimate and comfortable.

● Rapid cooling system to create a cool feeling, introduce cool factors in hot air, and quickly export cold wind

● High density crystals, Strengthen the cooling effect, sustain and efficient melting, and release cold air for long-term cooling.

● Three-speed wind speed adjustment, low-medium-high, to meet your needs 5. Double water tank design, the under water tank capacity is 7L, the upper water tank for water. ● Integrated 7L water tank,.

● Add water at the top, open the cover directly to add water, ice crystal, easy to operate, good cooling effect

● Vent more powerful, and inner turbine style wind guide design, the noise is smaller.

● Low power consumption and environmental protection, the same amount of electricity as the electric fan, you can enjoy the air conditioning.