Zeus A-350 Speaker System 2.1

Zeus A-350 Speaker System 2.1



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Product Description

Zeus A-350 Speaker System 2.1

ZEUS Z-350 Speaker systems used to be expensive, but just like other devices, the advancements in technology that provided various options paved the way for more affordable products. The Zeus A-350 Speaker System 2.1 is a bluetooth speaker system. This means that it has a wireless connectivity function to keep your desk dangle-free. On top of that, the sound system has two treble satellite boxes with 2.5-inch tweeter that gives you pure and bright sound. This boxes are made up of pure fiber mesh materials. These are also shockproof and dust-proof.


● The Zeus A-350 Speakers look just like any other multimedia speaker system. Its three-piece ensemble comprises two speakers with RCA input cables and one sub-woofer unit where users can control and tweak the audio according to their preferences.

●The two treble satellite boxes, each carry a 2.5-inch tweeter, are clad in a fiber mesh and an overall plastic build. No need to worry about accidentally dropping the speakers since they are designed to be dustproof and shockproof.